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Jack Mason

Calibration - 100x80cm

Calibration - 100x80cm

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This glitch portrait of a woman in profile is an exploration of how humans conflict with technology; can we coexist and embrace technology without letting it take over who we are as individuals? A glitch is a short-term, accidental error in a system. Glitches are common in the world of technology and are usually brief interruptions on screens/monitors that quickly resolve themselves. This painting explores the aesthetic effect when those glitches don’t self-correct.

This textured acrylic artwork was painted with black and white monochrome colors containing subtle blue hues which add cool depth to the piece. The figure’s eyes are gazing at the viewer in contemplation, whereas the sharp horizontal glitch lines juxtapose the face in certain areas. These intentional errors or controlled imperfections help create a visually arresting piece.

Painted in 2022.

Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 4 cm.

Sides painted and ready to hang. 

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