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Jack Mason

Alternate Frequency - 100x80cm

Alternate Frequency - 100x80cm

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This glitch portrait of a man in profile is an exploration of how humans conflict with technology; can we coexist and embrace technology without letting it take over who we are as individuals? A glitch is a short-term, accidental error in a system. Glitches are common in the world of technology and are usually brief interruptions on screens/monitors that quickly resolve themselves. This painting explores the aesthetic effect when those glitches don’t self-correct.

This textured artwork was painted in acrylic with warm tones in the areas of reflected light, contrasting with cooler and darker green tones in the areas of shadow. There is a powerful facial expression and the sharp horizontal glitch lines juxtapose the colors. These intentional errors, or controlled imperfections, help create a visually arresting piece.

Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 4cm

Painted in 2022.

Sides painted and ready to hang.

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